Monday, April 17, 2017

Navel Oranges

These oranges have nothing to do with any naval organisation but with the navel that it so resembles.  It is actually a mutation and it grows on another fruit besides the main orange. It is thus said to  have a twin.

The navel oranges are sweet, seedless, and easy to peel.  I'm not sure about the easy to peel so I would recommend that the peeling and eating be done over a sink.

We need fresh oranges this time of the year to supply us with natural C-vitamins and the Navel oranges fit that bill after a long winter.

They may still be an a tree depending on the cold it encountered during the growing season.

It is easy to peel and cut an orange, if the top and bottom are first cut off.  Then stand the orange on one side and thinly cut off the peel from top to bottom.

To remove the flesh ever so nicely, cut with a sharp paring knife on either side of the membrane.

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