Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monster Monstera Plant

This giant Monstera Plant, also known as split leaf philodendron, likes the hot and humid Florida weather.

If unchecked, it may climb fences and trees.  It may also hide a small shed in no time.

The Monstera plant grows in sunny areas as well as in the shade and it need little or no watering although it has a rather massive root system.

It is easy to trim in spite of its size.  The "branches" are easily picked up and large enough to be removed by sanitation workers without being bundled up or put in containers.

I transplanted a few Monstera plants digging as any holes, willy-nilly, and put the roots down, covered them up with soil and mulch, Watered.  Waited.  They did very well.

I am carefully monitoring the giant evergreen plants.  I have never seen this plant flowering but when "you see the plant pop out in what looks like a little bunch of green bananas and then loose their shells to reveal an attractive inner core, that is what reproduction looks like on these plants" according to an article in a recent Times Union (Jacksonville, Fl).  Yes, maybe I have seen it in different stages and not knowing what was happening.

One thing for sure, these plants are huge for the home landscape, but attractive and green, so it is important to keep in mind that they will grow tall and wide if you should decide to plant one or two.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Midsummer's Eve

It is the longest day of the year.  It is midsummer.  It is a time to create our own maypole with green branches and flowers.  We should dance around it until the sun comes up, enjoy good food and drink, and each other.

If I had a maypole, it would look very similar to this one in this picture that I snagged.  Once I had dressed the pole, I would make a beautiful garland with wild flowers and wear it in my hair.  It must be part of my Scandinavian heritage that makes my feet tap in rhythm with the rain drops falling down on the roof of my summer kitchen.

Celebrate the summer solstice.  Do it responsibly.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Not too long ago, my granddaughter asked me why I called my husband "dad."  Once a dad, always a dad and that goes for grandfathers, too, and so they are called.

Dads in all capacities and roles are important to us.

Thank you, Father, for letting them be in our lives.

Happy Father's Day to all.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Flag Day

Today is he American Flag Day.  
I sincerely hope that we can fly it proudly at top of its post.

Bless America!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

My Herb Garden

It is a little late in the season to start an Herb Garden but I don't want my ailments to stop me from pulling a few weeds, get some dirt under my fingernails, and feel the sunshine beating down on my back.  I am recovering from side affects of chemo therapy for endometrial cancer; but believe me, I hate using cancer as an excuse for living a happy and productive life.

So my beloved gardener of many years bought be a root bound but healthy looking Rosemary, Italian Parsley and Oregano, and Sweet Basil to plant by the door to the Summer Kitchen.

Under the screened window, I planted the Rosemary, a plant that can take the heat of the summer in North Florida.

Actually, I planted it in hopes of improving my memory.

I trimmed it before setting it out in the sandy soil and put the stems of the Rosemary in a small vase of water.  I heard that it may rood and provide me with additional plants.

I added soil from the garden and some compost as well and I have a sack of cedar chips that I plan to put in the Herb Garden to keep the moisture in and the weeds out.

The parsley does best in cool weather but it may survive the seasons and come back again next spring.  The oregano is also an herb that may grow and produce throughout the year as long a I keep it trimmed and not let it bloom.  I frequently use parsley and oregano in my cooking.  Oregano is particular good in spaghetti sauces and the like

The Sweet Basil is a must in my Herb Garden and I use it to flavor corn when boiling.  It is also excellent with sliced or diced tomatoes, cooked or raw.

I am looking forward to tending my Herb Garden this summer and even add some more plants.

Thank you for visiting my blog.