Monday, April 10, 2017

Hair today, gone tomorrow

One devastating side effect of chemo therapy is the hair loss.  When I experienced the loss of my hair back in October of last year, I had to look at my information sheet to confirm that it would  actually happen after the first infusion of chemo.  Yes, indeed.  My hair came all off onto my hair brush except for a few strands.

I knitted caps in different colors and received a few as gifts.  They were very nice and fitted well when new.  I let the few strands of hair hang out from under the caps--illusions of much more hair under the caps.  Eventually the caps fitted my comfort bear better and he received the compliments when I took him along for my infusions.

I never liked those scarfs that you wear--the scarfs that boldly announce that your hair is gone and that you have cancer.

I tried one of those and I ended up looking like a washer woman.

So I gave up on the caps and scarfs and went bald.  Nobody has said anything about my new hairdo.  Maybe, folks don't know what to say.  I guess, they don't know if it is a new trend or cancer.  Either way, should they say anything negative, I will simply, tell 'em that

Bald Women Rule!

Thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to make a bold statement, if you like.

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