Friday, April 7, 2017

Family Reunion

We have an annual Family Reunion in the beautiful country side of Virginia.  It is always on the third Sunday in May, the Sunday after Mother's Day.

During the year, we don't keep in touch with the extended family.  We don't send Christmas cards.  We don't know who got married and who had kids.  We don't know who belongs to whom.  But on this Sunday, we all get together and share our happenings and events over a scrumptious meal.

We ask "who are you" and nobody gets offended but proudly or sadly tell who they are, who their parents are, who passed away, and introduce us to their young ones.

Going to this place in the country and sharing a meal together with friends and family feels like going home and reconnecting with our roots.

The children are playing.  They are jumping and running and screaming with delight.  Some of the grown ups are also participating; blowing bubbles and chasing a ball now and then,  Memories are made and a tradition is established for years to come.

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