Saturday, April 1, 2017

Annual Chores

A is for Annual and should be celebrated at this particular time when flowers and plants are blooming.  Spring time lifts my spirit with longer and warmer days and the sun gently warms my face and gives me a glowing color.

 I keep forgetting that it is time for the Orange Blossom and when I get a wiff of the sweet scented aroma, the dose of it absolutely delights me.

It also reminds me that I should remove the weeds from around the trees and put down fertilizer especially for citrus.  It is too late to spray with horticultural oil that should have been done when the weather was cool but it never was this seson

 I love daffodils!  I love to watch them bobbing and bowing in a gentle breeze.  Unfortunately, it is too warm for them in Florida.  Where ever you are and have a chance to enjoy the daffodils:  look for them and pick some if allowed.

Then, we have the roses.  Oh, so pretty!  They should be cut back during the cool season.  What cool season?  That's when my two roses in the front yard started to bloom and they still are blooming.

To be kind to my roses, I will weed around them, feed them, and put mulch around them.  I will also remove darkened leaves and still cut back on stray branches.

These are some annual chores that need to be done and to enjoy.

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