Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mezcla and Sieva Beans

A few years ago, the Sieva Pole Butter Beans could not be found because the commercial growers switched to Mezcla Beans due to their resistance of nematodes, so I was told.  We only used the Mezcla pole butter beans for one season here on the Back Forty in Northeast Florida.

These warm weather beans did well.  I could not tell the difference in growth, appearance, harvesting, taste, cooking, or freezing.

Pole beans have to be staked.  We prefer pole beans because we won't have to bend down picking the beans; however, we do have to do the staking.

Because we use staked pole beans, we sow the beans in a designated, stationary, place and we also use heavy duty PVC poles and providing strings for the beans to climb.  When the beans are fully grown, they make a nice hedge.

It is also recommended that a gardener rotate the crop, but we have made an exception to the beans.

The Sieva and the Mezcla beans, respectively, have a delightful hint of green.  The Sieva pole beans are our preference.

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