Friday, April 14, 2017

Life in a wheelchair

This is my first experience to life in a wheelchair after I broke my ankle that added to my already existing problem with my feet and legs. I could only stand by myself for 15 seconds and got around with a walker.  Now, I have to get around in a wheelchair thanks to my cat that I chased and fell.

Ramps:  Thanks goodness, our house is built on a concrete slab and we have two half steps (or less) to maneuver before we reach the hallway from the outside.  My strong husband is able to manage this obstacle by tilting the wheelchair and pushing.  Yes, I am holding on!

I read in the "Prime Time" section of Times Union that it would cost $500 - $600 to build a 5 to 6 foot portable nonslip ramp,

Doors:  The most important thing to do is to protect the knuckles when wheeling through  doorways.  In the same article in the Times Union, I read that it would cost about $2,500 to "structurally" widen  a doorway.

Clearance:  People in a wheelchair have a reach of 24 to 48 inches which I don't dispute.  They also need at least a 5 foot wide path for moving and turning around.

When my life in the wheelchair is over, my husband and I will have to patch and paint a lot of doors and cabinets.

Other:  There is so much to life in a wheelchair, but it is imperative that I take care of myself by eating wholesome food such as vegetables from my garden and fresh fruit.

It is also important that I stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

It is also important that I check my attitude, do fun things and help in the household, meditate.and pray.  I also wear my lipstick.  I never know when company is coming.

Source:  Me and Feb 7, 2017

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