Monday, April 29, 2013

Yoga in the Garden

At the end of a week's intensive gardening,weeding, and writing for the A to Z Blog Challenge, it is time for some serious relaxation Yoga.  I found my one and only colorful quilt with a stairway pattern, draped it over a chair, and placed it near the garden in the park.

I plopped myself down, placed my soil covered bare feet slightly apart on the ground and put my arms on the rests with my palms up towards the heaven.  Finally, I straighten my back to make my spine longer.  I am now ready for my simple Yoga breathing session.

I close my eyes, inhale and let my breath come on down to my core.  I hold it and exhale slowly with no strain and no discomfort.  I repeat the breathing exercise while trying to still my mind which seems to be impossible.

I keep breathing in, holding, and exhaling.

As I breathe in, I hear the noise of the traffic in the distance; I acknowledge it; hold my breath, and as I exhale I let the noise leave, too.

I breathe in and I hear the Cardinals twitter and chirp.  I hold my breath and this time I feel the cat from the tractor store rub her face against my legs.  I exhale.

I am aware of my surrounding in the park.  I feel calm and refreshed.  The Yoga session is over and I am ready to tackle Z for tomorrow's Challenge.

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  1. This post was beautiful. You make me think perhaps I was going about yoga all wrong and should give it another try.

    Have fun with z. :)