Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Butter Beans

The A to Z Challenge April 2013

Butter beans, or Lima beans as they are also called, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  It is another summer plant that thrives in hot and humid weather and may be cultivated as a bush or a climber.  The latter requires poles or a trellis.

When sowing the butter beans, I like to double up on the rows.  In other words, I sow two rows real close together, skip some space, and make another tight two rows.  It saves space and prevents weed from growing.  I rather have butter beans than weeds.

Sieva is my tried and true preference of butter beans because of its somewhat dainty size, delectable color, and buttery flavor.  Some insist that butter or margarine is required for cooking and serving of this nutritional vegetable.  

It seems to me that I get a more of a plentiful harvest from the climbers than I do from the bush beans.  I pick the beans as soon as they fill out and mature and also remove the dried ones which I save and store.  This promotes new growth and more butter beans to come for a long time.

After first shelling the beans and blanching them quickly in hot water, I let 'em chill under running cold water; then I bag 'em and put 'em in the freezer for using later.  The butter beans retain their color, taste, and nutritional value after freezing which is commendable for any vegetable.  


  1. Hi Margareta .. I love butter beans .. and fresh would be so much nicer - excellent you grow your own.

    I love veggies ... cheers Hilary

  2. Hi again! Thanks for taking of word verifcation - it makes the world of difference ...

    Cheers Hilary

  3. Haven't heard them called butter beans in a long time, made me smile. Used to love gardening; but gave up the veggie part of it. One of the few veggies I've never liked...something about the texture, I think.


  4. Weird, but I've never had butter beans before. Maybe I'll have to try some.