Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hinnant Family Vineyards

The Hinnant Family Vineyards is the oldest and largest muscadine vineyard in North Carolina with 75 sprawling acres just off Interstate 95 in Smithfield.  Signs for the Hinnant Vineyard appeared along the Interstate so my husband and I decided to pay them a visit.  It's the half way point for our travel to visit our granddaughter.

The first time we visited, we took the tour of the winery and found that they use stainless steel tanks for the wine to age in.  One such tank holds 12,000 gallons which is impressive in itself.  Most of the time, wineries use oak caskets for the aging process,  I am not a wine connoisseur, but I find that the oak gives the wine a bite, a bit of a bitter taste.  I like my wines sweet and smooth.

Along with muscadine, scuppernong is another grape grown in the South.  Both of these grapes can stand the heat and humidity well.  Early this spring, my husband and I planted two of each kind and, of course, we have visions of harvesting huge clusters of sweet grapes.  I don't think that the Hinnant family has to worry.

In the meantime, on our travels along I-95, we stop and pick up a few bottles of these sweet and unique tasting wines such a the Red Tar Heels produced at the Hinnant Vineyard.  It is amazing how well both the muscadine and scuppernong go with my simple but hearty meals.

The Hinnnants have converted their original tank room into a beautiful event space and are hosting many weddings.  The setting is truly neat, private, and popular.

In addition, you can't leave the Hinnants without picking up some homemade jams or jellies or a few gifts for friends who enjoy a glass of wine now and then.  A blue bottle of white table wine sweetened with honey was my special gift to me at this time.  It promises to "treat my senses to a delightful bouquet."

Thank you for visiting my humble blog.  I'm almost home from visiting granddaughter and I will return your visits and respond to your comments.

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