Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plans and Plants

I went to the home improvement center to get some garden soil that specifically retains water.  I asked the clerk for help and he loaded up my cart with the garden soil.  I almost made it out without any plants but my eye caught tightly secured 9-packs of cantaloupe and cucumber plants and, don't you know it? some of them ended up in my cart.

I'm a bit dazed and confused today.  The letter P conjures up so many topics to write about:  there is the pond (saving that for later); and, of course, the park, my park (saving it for later, too).

As far as plants go, I could write a short paragraph about pink petunias and Johnny Jump-ups, one of my favorite flowers.  I could possibly put together an even shorter paragraph about the potatoes in my garden:  they are blooming and doing fine.

One of my all-time favorite vegetable is the snap pea.  A good cultivar is the Oregon Trail, or one with similar name.  I won't plant any other than these peas whose pods I can pick in the garden and eat raw right there on the spot.  I don't have to wash the pods because no chemicals are used and the pods seem to be free from insects and bugs; thus, no protein is inadvertently eaten.

The other day, I harvested the last of the peas and pulled up the vines.  These snap peas don't have  to be shelled, but I remove the ends.  I quickly dunk them in boiling water, let them chill under running cool water, and drain.  Finally, I put the peas in bags and into the freezer.

This is the end of the planting season this spring.  No?  Well, maybe one more that I dedicate to Mike.  Here is Plant and Page.  Enjoy!

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