Monday, April 22, 2013

Special Steward on Earth Day

I have fallen off my high horse, missed the soapbox, and landed smack down in the sandbox with a thud.  Today, I am declaring you as a very Special Steward for this Earth Day.  You are a significant care taker of our environment and I am presuming to give you valuable advice.

Let me dust myself off and we can all go on a picnic in style with the Nature Conservancy Organization.  I looked at their web the other day and they had all sorts of wonderful and doable suggestions about picnicking.  Here is one that I particularly liked:

They suggested that we recycle and reuse our "serveware."  That means that we serve from real plates etc. and glasses that are washable.  Instead of paper, use real table cloth and napkins.  I have my round canvas bag packed for these occasions or when I camp out in motels.

Here are some of my suggestions for saving the environment:  My special way of being kind to the environment is to carry my own bags to the grocery store, you know:  Save the environment, one bag at a time.

Buy local.  Buy fruit and vegetables in season from roadside stands and farmer's market.  Even grow your own vegetables.

Conserve the energy by only washing the laundry with  full load and using an outside clothes line for drying.  Let your underwear flutter freely in the wind.

Collect rainwater.  It's supposed to be good for washing your hair.

Conserve water by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth for the two minutes recommended by your dentist.

Finally, save on water by taking showers with your partner.  On the other hand, skip the showers.

Thank you for visiting my humble blog.  Please, leave a comment and now, let me go back to my sandbox somewhere on the Back Forty.

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