Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is often confused with the maze.  In a maze, there are wrong turns and blocks in your way creating frustration and a sense of panic.  When walking the Labyrinth, there is only one way in and the same way out--no tricks, no panic,

The Labyrinth was a "must have" when my husband and I retired to Florida.  At first, we built the seven ring Labyrinth using sticks and pine cones, but they soon disappeared into the grass.  Then we collected large oyster shells from the banks of St. John's River and laid them out.  They looked pretty, but when spring came and the grass started growing, the shells joined the sticks and cones.

We finally decided on grass on grass for the Labyrinth.  The path is wide enough for a lawn mower and the borders are trimmed with a weedwacker.  The entrance to the Labyrinth is located on the North end.  In other words, when you start walking you are facing the South.  Your first turn is toward the East;  you are following the sun.

"The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol relating to wholeness.  It is a combination of the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering purposeful path.  The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world."  (The quote if from my notes of a long time ago with reference.)

When you walk the Labyrinth purposefully and with meaning, you center yourself, your blood pressure lowers, and your thoughts calm.  You are actually on a walking meditation, a spiritual journey that leads to healing, self-knowledge, and peace.  Janis Strope, Itchaca NY composed the following little poem:

With open heart and quiet mind approach this place and you will find
That shifting into Labyrinth Time reveals anew your Life's design.

Bow to the Spirit at the start with reverence in your heart.
Enter now this sacred place.

Spiral around into the core
Determine what your life is for, then spiral out again and see
The mysteries revealed to Thee. 


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  1. I've never been in a labyrinth, but have always wanted to walk one. Mmm... Maybe I should start looking around.

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