Saturday, April 27, 2013


Saturday has finally arrived and I am on X for the Challenge.  I am so excited!  Lately, I've been grinning and acting giddy.  During the summer time, my husband and I do it together every Thursday and Sunday morning.  I am so happy!  Individually, we do it every day.  I know for sure that you will join us in Xeriscaping, won't you?  Together we will conserve a lot of water.

The concept of Xeriscape was developed to conserve water in times of drought and in regions of limited water availability.   I had to smile when I realized what Xeriscaping entailed because it is something that we have practiced for a long time on the Back Forty.  We didn't know that there was a name for it--Xeriscaping.

Xeriscape derives from the Greek "Xeros," meaning dry and "scape" is view or scene.  Xeriscaping in Florida and elsewhere for that matter is common sense measure that will help to conserve water, reducing the use of lawn grass, and using indigenous low maintenance plants.  For this purpose, mulching is practiced extensively by using various types of barks in various colors and using mulch from compost piles.

You may have seen these landscapes that contain natural material such as rocks and gravel, yucca and sword plants, and drought resistant trees, accented by lawn furniture, sculptures, and bird baths. The irony of such a landscape in a development is that the community associations frown on such settings because they do not conform with their standards.  These landscapes are unique, different, and handsome when well maintained.

Water conservation is mandatory in NE Florida.  During Daylight Savings Time, residents are required to only use their irrigation systems twice a week.  Those with even house numbers water their lawns on Thursdays and Sundays e.g. and avoid watering in the middle of the day due to extreme evaporation.  There is an exception to this rule:  if you have a garden, you may water as needed.

What I have done in the Park is creating "islands" around trees surrounded by azaleas and Shefflera plants, even Bougainvillea, using mulch from the compost pile and pine straw.  I find it rather attractive and it does cut down on using the gasoline driven lawn mower and tractor.

Now that Saturday is here, let's go out and have some fun.  Let's support the wild life and be kind to the environment.  Imagine what an impact all of us will have.  Thank you for visiting my humble blog.  I hope you will leave a message and only your foot prints on the beach.

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  1. I love your theme! We are doing a lot of landscaping in our yard this year. I'm a new follower so I can come back here for reference.
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