Friday, April 29, 2016

Yard Work

April is a busy month for yard work and we have been sprucing up the yard, back and front, on the Back Forty.

Early on, we started by raking up the pine straw to be used as mulch around a scraggly hedge of Red Tops.  The hedge, of course, had to be weeded out first before the mulch could be put down.  So it goes.

What do you do first and where do you start?  Somehow, we feel that it is important that the Back Forty present a neat and clean public face which means that the when a visitors, mailman, sanitation workers, and delivery men see a well kept place.

The reason, I added "Park" to my blog title is that so many people said that our back yard was like a  park--a naturally kept park.  There weren't any manicured lawns or well trimmed hedges.or trees in a perfect row.

As you walk along in the back yard, you discover an overgrown pond with goldfish swimming around and greeting you.  They know that you will feed them.  Keep on going and you end up by the small tidal creek where you may discover turtles, a heron or two, and other water birds.

I like the yard to be a surprise to visitors.  It is always a surprise to me because I don't know what I will do when I leave the house.  There is always something to explore.  There is always something that needs weeding, cutting, or trimming.

There is a bench in the woods where you may sit a spell and do a little bird watching.  You are well immersed in the wilderness of the Back Forty.and I thank you for visiting.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
One more time.

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