Friday, April 1, 2016


A is for April with new beginnings.  It's a time for hope, love, and adventure.  For an avid gardener, it's a busy time with the early vegetables sprouting, blooming, and ready for digging and picking.

Love is in the air and it was touching to hear on the early news this morning some of "A Happy Man" singing to his wife, declaring his love for her.

April is for hope, hope for a wonderful summer to come with lots of sunshine; a time to spend with friends and family; and a time to make memories.

April is the time to plan for your adventures and only you can determine and decide what they may be, where, and when.

Today, be careful about happenings around the April Fool's Day.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 
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  1. Yes, new beginnings! Spring is in its infancy in my part of the world. But I'm so looking forward to things thawing and leaves budding out.


    1. Thank you for your visit. Hope that you will have a great spring.

  2. Happy April Fool's Day!
    My favorite month, birthday is Monday. My favorite time of the year!
    Have a wonderful A to Z journey!

    Thank you for posting for the A to Z Challenge
    Ninga Minion @YolandaRenee from Defending The Pen Parallels Murderous Imaginings

    1. Thank you for visiting. This is a great time to have a birthday. Wish you a happy one with more to come.

  3. If I had more space I would definitely have a garden, but I love getting fresh produce from my mom's garden. Also, gardens just put one at peace, and who does not like fresh produce.
    Photography Today.

    1. Thank you for visiting. Start with a small garden. Have a great spring.