Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blue Tailed Skink in my Sink

The other day I was doing the dishes, deep in thought, and minding my own business when a blue tailed sink appeared in the sink for the grinder and its drain hole.  He was just as scared as I but I did not hear him scream.  I did.  The skink disappeared down the drain opening.  I left the dishes and the kitchen.

Sinks have an ability to pop off their tail when frightened.  This one may have been too frightened to do so.  The sinks like to always have a hole available for hiding.  They are useful little critter that eat bugs and insects.

I went back to the kitchen after a few days believing that the skink was gone or dead.  I did more dish washing and the skink appeared again.  Help!  Help!

My  husband came and told me to hold a glass so that he could put the skink in it after he caught it and take it outside.  He did  catch the skink and put it into the glass that I was holding.  Crash!  I dropped the glass to the floor and it shattered.  The skink fled. My husband cursed.

My husband wondered how the hell can I be so scared of a little bitty skink?

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