Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Rising Sun

It's past midweek and I want to get out of the house.  I also want to get away from the garden.  Oh!  This is not E for Escape?  What the heck!  Let's go grab a large cup of hazelnut coffee and go down to the beach and greet the rising sun.

I need to go down to the water's edge to see the sun rise.

Let's make ourselves comfortable on a sand dune and listen to the waves crashing in ever so gently.  Let's listen to the seagulls scream for a good spot to hunt for food.  Let's skim the horizon for dolphins as the sun is making its escape from the blue and dark waters.

It's all right to kick your flip flops off and wade in the water.  Chase some waves and let the water get your pant legs wet.

Nah!  Don't chase the birds!

Then there is the haunting House of the Rising Sun!
Oh, sweet Lord!  What did I tell my sons?

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