Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wind Chimes

Our wind chimes are soothing with no harsh or high notes grating on our frayed nerves.  Sometimes the chime is so faint that we can hardly hear it and other times it is distinct, loud and furious, depending on the wind.

The wind chimes are calling us to slow down and listen to the wind play its songs for us.  It is calling us to our sanctuary that is surrounded by tall pines and blooming bushes and trees.  It's a place where many of God's creatures as well as my true love and I find solace, comfort, and shelter.

Susan Griffin wrote:  "Will we let the wind sing to us?  Do our whole bodies listen?  When the wind calls, will you go?"

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  1. This is what I love about the #Challenge. Finding your blog for the first time on the W alphabet day. Ah, a fellow gardener. I'm in. I love what I have found. No time to catch up on all your back posts, but I will. Just came in from my North Carolina garden on a beautiful afternoon after some planting. Makes me happy! While you have been gardening I have been writing about hotels and inns, the architecture and architects, the settings for these significant places in a community. Today was tea at the Washington Duke Inn. Not too late to join me. One problem. I want to follow your posts by e-mail. Too busy to remember to check on Reader or some such thing. I can't find a place to do that. HELP.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I looked in on your tea party and it is what I imagine old South charm. My granddaughter would say it was "sophisticated. Sorry, I can't help you with the e-mail. I left my tech support a long time ago. My computer skills are rudimentary and I try not to leave too many prints in cyber space. Thanks again.