Thursday, April 28, 2016


Xeriscaping, or water conservation in the landscape, sounds like a great idea if you live in a place where water conservation is imperative or the climate is dry and arid.  In my blog, it is basically smart planting using drought resistant plants and those plants that are appropriate for the area, not necessarily native..

Some time ago, I heard about this neighbor who used xeriscaping and I went to take a look and, indeed, it looked interesting and different from other yards.  These homeowners used a lot of rocks, pebbles, sand and a lot of cedar chips and pine barks.

If you do live in a neighborhood with a "homeowners association," there may be a problem with xeriscaping because it does not adhere to the association's rules and regulations.

Also, it you live in an area that is not conducive to xeriscaping such as Florida where it rains just about every day, the sun shines strong and hot, and it is hot and humid.  It seems to me that no matter how much mulch you use, the weeds are eventually going to make themselves known.

The picture is snagged from Wikipedia depicting a Japanese Rock Garden

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