Monday, April 4, 2016

Daffodils for My Wedding Bouquet

When I got married a long, long time ago, I basically wanted to make the marriage legal--no fuss, no muss--just pronounce us man and wife.

My mother was most disturbed to hear that I wasn't going to have a bridal bouquet, no flowers.

Of course, I should have flowers.

She called the florist and found out that the only flowers available were daffodils and that was fine with her.  After all, it was April with plenty of snow.  It was still winter.

I must confess that the daffodils were also fine with me.

Ever since, I have loved daffodils.  It makes me think about my wedding and it also reminds me about my mother.  I will always remember her.

Unfortunately, daffodils don't grow in Florida.  It's too warm.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


  1. Daffodils are so pretty and let us know warmer weather is just around the corner.

    Alex's Ninja Minion

    1. Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the spring flowers.

  2. I love daffodils, how they are the first ones up in spring, often poking through the snow. I'm not doing the challenge this year but I like to pop in and see how others are doing. It's a lot of posts!

    1. Thank you for visiting. There are a lot of interesting titles to pick from. Enjoy!