Monday, April 25, 2016

Utility Shed

Early this spring, we had a spell of warm weather but it was too early in the season to plant a garden; however, the utility shed was in need of a paint job.

It took much longer than I had expected to prepare the shed for a new coat of paint.

We had the shed power washed about a year ago so it was fairly clean and free from debris.

The old spackle needed to be removed and new applied.  The nails had rusted so I sanded them down and filled them in with Rustoleum--a tedious undertaking.

When we first bought the shed, we went all out to have flower boxes and shutters--cute, you know.

A cute utility shed to store our garden and yard equipment:  tractor and carts along with fertilizers and Christmas goats and bucks.

We had some discussion about the color for the boxes, shutters, and doors.  We finally settled for Persimmons.

I had old paint left from another project that I used for the inside of the doors--a hint of lilac.

We removed all the utilities to make room for a chair and my husband helped me hang lacy IKEA curtains at the main entrance just to see what a she shed may look like, if I should get one some day.

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