Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am giving thanks for having a wonderful husband, children with their spouses, grandchildren, family and friends.  I am blessed to have all of you in my life although we are not able to be together for this holiday.  You are in my thoughts.

I am blessed and give thanks that my husband and I are able to celebrate another holiday together.  I am blessed and give thanks that we are able to work and enjoy our Back Forty Garden and Park.

To all you readers, I am utterly surprised and delighted that so many of you from all over the world are reading my humble blog.  I do appreciate you visiting.  I give thanks.

To all you bloggers, I am impressed with your blogs, your pictures, and your ideas.  Your blogs are enriching my life.  Such a variety!  Awesome!   I give thanks.

Enjoy this holiday with friends and family.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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