Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Once upon a time, when my husband and I cooked our first turkey . . .  All we had to do was put the turkey in a pan large enough to hold the bird and put it in the oven.  The turkey came out looking pretty good; however, it had a large visible discoloration on its breast.  It was a dark protruding spot.  What went wrong?  We poked at it, but nothing happened?

Oh, my gosh!  It's going to explode!  We carefully poked some more and found out that we had cooked the innards packed in a paper bag stuffed in the turkey.  We didn't know about innards and such things back then.  You don't want me to tell you how to cook a turkey, do you?

Homemade Stuffing
Since it is going to be my husband and myself for this holiday, we bought a small turkey.  I stuffed the large cavity with Satsuma oranges and tops of celery and put cut up onions in its neck.  I finally sprinkled the turkey with paprika so that it wouldn't look so sickly coming out of the crock pot.

I like to keep the meal simple for our Thanksgiving.  We bought sweet potatoes from the Farmer's Market and I plan to cook them in their skins.  When cooked and if need be, we'll add some margarine, brown sugar, and cinnamon to the the potatoes and mash them up on our plates.

In time for the holiday, I cut one fresh broccoli from the garden and it will be cooked for a few minutes and served with the turkey and sweet potatoes.  I made the cranberry sauce the other day and the homemade stuffing is also ready to heat and serve.

My husband feels that it is traditional to serve pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert and that's what he'll dish out for us after a meal fit for pilgrims.  The holiday will be celebrated with a bottle of chilled Wildflower Wine from Hinnant's Vineyard.  I am already looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving with my Pilgrim.

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