Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Red Poinsettia

The leaves were dense and dark green and the bracts were a deep red color.  The fruit in the middle of the bracts were yellow, healthy looking, and the price was affordable.  I simply could not resist getting a luscious red poinsettia for the upcoming holidays.  The poinsettias were lined up in rows and tiers at the big box store in time for Veteran's Day and they really caught my attention.

The poinsettias come in pinks and off whites and a few colors in between, but the red is so seasonal and at this time of the year, I need some color in my house.  The poinsettias are easy to care for and they keep their color for a long time, hopefully through the holidays.  It is recommended that the plants receive indirect sunlight away from both cold and warm drafts.

At the end of the season, some people cut down the stems and supposedly let the plant regrow its green.  It is too much fuss for me.  Instead, I set the plant out and mulch around it to keep the plant from frost and the roots from freezing.

The poinsettias are rather pest free with the exception of white flies in the warmer weather.  This is easily taken care of by spraying with horticultural oils found in garden centers.

One year I forgot that I had put a few poinsettias outside.  They came back in the summer, stayed green, and changed their colors in time for the holidays.  It is too difficult for me to make sure that the plants get the required daylight and the timely feedings to regenerate growth.

It is much easier for Mother Nature to take care of the light and watering.  When the soil around the poinsettia feels dry to the touch, it needs watering when inside.

During  this holiday season, the weather is usually cool but the poinsettia will do fine when used for decorations in the the landscape.  If it does get too cold, I bring in the plants.  The poinsettia will also do fine inside regardless of temperatures but they do prefer a cooler temperature.

Finally, it is most important to enjoy the poinsettia.  The main purpose for the plant is to be visible and bring joy.  Because of the affordability, purchase several and in different colors.  A poinsettia is also a welcome gift.

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