Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Clara White Mission Friday Lunches

At a time when we are in the midst of preparing the best meals for important family holidays, the head lines in Sunday's paper printed in bold letters about the hunger in Jacksonville, Florida.  The face of hunger looks like us, the paper proclaimed.  Hunger hurts.  Ouch!  It makes me uncomfortable to blog about the abundance of food for the holiday when there are so many hungry men, women, and children in the nearby city.

I was browsing through the "Share what's New" with you bloggers when I came across posts about writing about hunger and how to help those less fortunate than us.  I was so inspired.  Here is my contribution:

The Clara White Mission was founded more than 100 years ago by a former slave whose compassion for humanity moved her into action:  Clara White helped feed hungry neighbors from her home and the Clara White Mission with help from volunteers now feeds 400 - 500 people daily at breakfast and lunch.

The Clara White Mission has a 20-week Culinary and Janitorial curricula that will give students an opportunity to practice their skills and prepare them for a career.  There is a training cafe featuring an upscale menu providing students with extensive hands-on training serving lunch  to the public (for a price) every Friday at St. John's Cathedral on Church Street downtown in Jacksonville FL.  For more information, check out the Clara White Mission on the Internet.

If you have surplus vegetables from your garden or fruit from your orchards, call a city rescue mission to find out if they will accept your donation.  Also, senior citizens at activity centers in your neighborhood will also be happy to receive fresh fruit and vegetables.

What really gets me is that I cannot share a sandwich or two or ten with hungry people downtown.  It's against the law to hand out bread to my hungry fellowmen but I may feed the pigeons.  Let me go look for worms in my garden before I get too carried away.

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