Sunday, December 1, 2013

First of Advent

Advent is the season to spiritually prepare for the coming of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.  The Advent begins on the first Sunday of four before Christmas Day.  On this Sunday, the first of Advent, we light a white candle out of four to signify the Christmas season.  Many people also begin a long fast during the wait for the Nativity of Jesus, in time for the celebration of His birth.

First of Advent
At the home on the Back Forty Garden and Park, I have decorated a copper candle stick holder that was given to me by my mother a long, long time ago.

Today, I filled the holder with sprigs of fresh cedar, rose buds, and a few sea shells.  To celebrate and spiritually prepare and in anticipation of the coming of Christmas, I lit one candle and let it burn for a short time.

During this the darkest time of the season, we fill the home with lights in the windows and lights outside the home to chase the darkness away.  When we have our meals, we light a candle.  It is especially meaningful and solemn to light a candle at dawn before the hustle and bustle begins.

Some people chose to fast during this time for their preparation for the upcoming Holiday.  In Washington DC, there is a group of immigrants who have put up a tent, the Capitol Tent, and they are inviting us to join in the fast and prayer for immigration reform (Washington Post, 29 November).

This may not be the right time to go on a fast with all the party invitations from work places, organizations that we support and frequent, friends and family.

This is also a commercial time with newspapers filled with enticing advertisements and flyers from establishments wanting our time and hard earned money.  Often, we give in and join the crowds in pulling and shuffling for gifts for the special people in our lives.  We hardly have time to give much thought to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


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