Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The very Yellow Cassia

I thought that I had a rather common Cassia bush growing on the Back Forty and Park.  Of course, that is not the case.  It is known by many names and has as many descriptions.  One of the names is Butterfly Bush.  That did not surprise me.  I found it quite fitting because small yellow butterflies are often visiting the Cassia; however, the description and the color do not fit my tall bush.

I also found out that the Cassia has been renamed to Senna.  Some refer to the Cassia as a Cinnamon Tree and others as a legume.  I tasted the flowers of my Cassia and they did not taste anywhere near cinnamon.  They are tasteless.

I can't recall seeing any pods developing and growing on my very tall Cassia bush either.
The Cassia on the Back Forty and Park blooms profusely in the fall.  It really brightens up the area.  The blooms are sunny bright yellow and they last a long time.  Eventually they die down and the Cassia drops its leaves.

Pruning is the key to abundant bright blooms.  The Cassia wood is weak and therefore breaks very easily, so handle with care during the growing season.  When the bush is in a dormant stage, I prune back the branches rather severely.  The Cassia is a fast grower and comes back vigorously in the spring.

My Cassia requires little care, seems to be pest resistant, and thrives in poor but acidic soil.  I mulch around the Cassia but let it grow as it pleases.  An interesting observation about the Cassia is that when evening comes, it folds its leaves.  The blooms remain the same.  I will now fold by blog for today.

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