Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ute Prayer

We are seekers.  We seek peace and quiet.  We seek harmony.  But in this day and age, there is always something going on with family and friends, with the community we live in, and with the world that disrupts our lives and throws our sensibilities to the winds.  My quiet place is in the garden tilling the earth that nurtures the vegetables that nurtures me.  In the garden, I hear the birds twitter, the wind rustling gently in the trees, the surf meeting the sand, and the sun caressing my back.  I am at peace for a little while.

Ute Prayer

Earth teach me quiet 
as the grasses are still with light

Earth teach me suffering 
as old stones suffer with memory

Earth teach me humility 
as blossoms are humble with beginning

Earth teach me caring 
as mothers nurture their young

Earth teach me freedom 
as the eagle that soars in the sky

Earth teach me acceptance 
as the leaves that die each fall

Earth teach me renewal 
as the seed that rises in the spring

Earth teach me to forget myself 
as melted snow forgets its life

Earth teach me to remember kindness 
as dry fields weep with rain

Some time ago, I copied the Ute Prayer from Earth Prayers; From Around the World by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon.

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