Friday, July 26, 2013

Sea Oats on the Beach

After leaving Pete's Bar, we rounded the corner and decided to go for a walk on the beach.  As soon as we reached the sand dunes, we kicked off our flip flops and waded out into the surf.  We frolicked.  We splashed water on each other.  We walked along the water's edge looking for shells.  We held hands.  We laughed and giggled.

The life guard had left his tower so we climbed it to sit on top and listen to the surf, watching the waves ebbing and flowing.  We laughed at the pelicans.  They are so elegant in flight but they crash with such a splash into the water. The sun bathers with glistening bodies and young men with sun bleached hair and long boards were leaving.  The sun cast long shadows on the dunes and it was time for us to leave for home.

On the path through the sea oats, we stopped to admire the the interesting but yet common sea oats that has formed such dense clusters, or colonies, to hold the sand in place, to anchor the dunes down with its long and deep roots.  It is an aid to erosion control.  It is illegal to collect seeds or plants in most states because they are on the list of endangered species according to Miracle-Gro's Encyclopedia of Plant Care.

I have heard that it is difficult to obtain nursery propagated plants but not impossible.  I asked the staff at my favorite nursery if I could buy sea oats from them.  They shook their heads.  They did not carry sea oat seeds or plants and they did not know of anyone else selling them either.  The staff at my particular nursery did confirm that the sea oats indeed are illegal to collect.

I don't ever recall having seen sea oats for sale at any of the nurseries and home improvement centers that I frequent.  However, Google Dave's Garden for additional information on sea oats and sources where you may obtain these beautiful plants.

In addition, the lady at the nursery said that there was a plant called river oats that looked very much like the sea oats but they liked shade and would not grow in full sun.  It is somewhat difficult to find shade on the beach.

Other suggestions:
A.  Be careful where you sow your wild oats.
B.   Eat your oatmeal with cinnamon, freshly sliced peaches, and skim milk.  It's good for your heart.

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