Thursday, July 11, 2013

Painting Flower Pots

Painting a terra cotta flower pot is a fun project to do for yourself or with your children.  It brings out the artist in you and your child.  It's time well spent with your child while sipping lemonade and thinking about a fall garden.

Terra cotta pots are beautiful and interesting as they are, especially when they have aged and have been exposed to the elements.  For this project, we need to head out to the arts and crafts store to pick up new pots in different sizes.

I checked to see what kind of paint I already had that could easily be used for this project.  Somehow I always have paint left over from other projects and stored in the shed so I had plenty of paint to do several pots.

It doesn't take much to paint a pot inside and out.  I only painted one pot to see how it would work and I used a small spongy paintbrush.  I also had a lot of acrylic paint in tubes that I used to paint my motif.  A small dab of acrylic paint goes a long way and it's easy to clean the brush in water.

It is an inexpensive but fun project to do and it is quality time spent with your child.  I am looking forward to doing this project with my granddaughter.

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