Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pete's Bar

I am slowly preparing the garden for a fall planting of vegetables but the shelves at the nursery stores are still empty.  That's all right.  I pulled up the tomato wines and sowed black beans in its place.  It doesn't matter if the beans mature or not in the 62 days allotted because I am basically using them for cover to prevent weeds from growing.  If I have to use that plot for the fall vegetables, I will till the beans under and use all the bean plants as green manure.

Other than that, I don't have much to do today and I am fresh out of ideas.  I have not prepared any writings or musings for my blog.  Forget it:  Let's go to Pete's Bar to cool off for a while.  Pete's Bar is located in the heart of the Town Center in Neptune Beach FL and across the street from City Hall.

Pete's Bar is a historical establishment founded in 1933.  Some call it a "dive" with pool tables at a quarter per game.  It's a smoky pool hall.  The not too many choices of drinks are cheap and strong.  The beer is limited to a few brand names and the wine list reads:  red, white, and rose.

I thought I would find the same table as John Grisham once did.  He frequented Pete's Bar where he found a quiet corner and people didn't bother him.  He wrote about the bar and the area in The Brethren.

On Thanksgiving Day, people from all walks of life, from near and far away places, gather for a meet and greet, and to enjoy a Bloody Mary before the turkey calls for a more somber festivity with friends and family.  It  and has become a tradition to meet at Pete's Bar in the morning.

My husband and I went there last year and I elbowed my way into the bar for the required Bloody Mary.  This affair should be attended at least once.  It was fun mingling with the people, their puppies, and babies in strollers that were spilling into the street for a short time.

I've had my glass of white wine and it's time to go home, but before I go let me tell you this joke that I read in "Guns and Gardens:"  A young boy was walking down a country road in Tennessee when he was stopped by a state trooper.  "Do you have any ID?" the trooper inquired.  "'bout what?" the boy asked.

I confess:  I have no idea either.  Let me get outta here.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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