Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celebrating Independence Day

I love camping:  to sleep under the stars in my Mother's bosom, even if her bed is uneven, lumpy, and rocky.  I love cooking on an open fire and sitting around poking the ambers until I am the only one awake at the camp ground.

I recently found a journal and for 4th of July 2002, I wrote the following in Greenbrier State Park, Maryland:

Majestic oaks are reaching proudly to the blue heaven but kind enough to let the sun in at high noon.  At night, the sky is bursting with fireworks that soon fill the air with pungent smoke and mingling and lingering with the campfire smoke.

Children are playing. Woodpeckers are pecking. Shy squirrels are searching for nuts.  The traffic from the Interstate is constant.  The wind in the tree tops sings its lullabies.  A crow is crowing on occasion.  There are flies and mosquitoes. There is daddy long leg making his way through my camp.  A solitary frog is heard. Night is falling.  There is peace and harmony.

During the days, I paint and read, make coffee on the fire, go for walks, and pick wild flowers.  I am alone but for dinners with Mike.

Be careful and be courteous.  
Hold on to your children and be kind to the elderly.  
Be kind to each other.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments.  I'll be back on Tuesday

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