Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Seed Store

The Sports Complex with the Arena is located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida, along with churches and banks.  The jail and the court house are also located down town and so are insurance companies, hotels, and many office buildings.  A few blocks from all this glitter and high rise is our seed store.  It's really known by another name but we refer to it as "the seed store."

Small home gardeners and farmers alike come to this store for their feed and seed.  It's an interesting place because it has everything a serious gardener may need.  As you walk in, you are met with a lot of twitter by beautiful chicks and some of the guinea pigs will also make some noise that reminds you about the guinea pigs that you once had for your children.

If your pets and farm animals are sick, this is the place for over the counter medication and free advice.  There is an assortment of  flea powders and dips lining the shelves against one wall.  There are sprays to terminate ants, roaches, and mice.  Other potions may stimulate growth for greener grass or "take out" the dollar weed.

How about a few canaries or how about yellow, green, and blue parakeets?  There are several cages filled with these seemingly happy birds located in the middle of the floor amid stacks of fertilizers, seeds, and salts.  Have you ever seen a 100 pound sack of mustard seeds?

This is the only feed and seed store in this area where you can buy vegetables in bulk.  Although the seeds are already packaged, you may buy the vegetables of your choice in bulk.  Barrels are filled with seeds and small packages are placed above with a short description of the vegetable.

If you can't find what you are looking for, ask this very nice and helpful lady who is growing Romaine lettuce under bright lights and in a soil free nutritional solution.  I have not paid too much attention to it: I don't want to start anything new such as hydroponic gardening.  Oh, don't get me started!

Now that the seeds are taken care of, we'll go outside for a look at the vegetable plants.  It is impossible to leave this area without plants.  However, since it is the middle of July, the shelves are bare.  In this area are also fruit trees, berry bushes, azalea and rose bushes.  My husband couldn't resist getting two each of Muscadine and Scuppernong grapes earlier this summer.

Before we leave our seed store, we check out the garden tools, different types of wires including roles of chicken wires.  We don't leave empty-handed; we picked up a planting calendar.  For the month of July, the following vegetables may be planted in Northern Florida:

Beans (pole and Lima)
Eggplant, Okra
Southern Peas, Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes

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