Monday, April 28, 2014

Xeriscaping (continues)

Xeriscaping is an interesting concept for conserving water.  It doesn't necessary mean that you change the landscape from green lawns, lush trees, and shrubbery that requires watering to boulders, rocks, and pebbles in various sizes and colors.  I doubt that would work in Florida where there is no shortage of rainfall.  Let me narrow that down and say that it would not work well in the Back Forty Garden and Park.

In my garden and park, I have dollar weed with deep running roots and as far as I am concerned they grow with or without water.  To eradicate the dollar weed, I would have to use a lot of weed killer and that is out of the question.  Too many birds and four legged friends plant their own greenery in my park.

Another method would be to cover the area with black heavy duty plastic a
nd fill in with rocks.  Do you know how much rocks cost?

The best way to conserve water would probably be to mix rocks, pebbles, and sand with greenery that is draught resistant as well as salt resistant in a beach setting.

This brings to may way of thinking that shade trees and bushes are indeed needed to protect against the sun, cool down my living areas outside and inside, and fight air, light, and noise pollution.

If the purpose for xeriscaping is to conserve water, it would be prudent for me to rethink the current way I am maintaining the lawn and the garden as well.

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