Monday, April 7, 2014

Focus is on the Fence

When I am weeding in the woodsy area on the Back Forty Garden and Park, not wearing gloves, and I suddenly come upon dog feces, it makes me say things not fit for printing.  Neither does it make me happy to have mowers from Public Works turning around in my Park and mowing in areas that do not belong to the City, and it absolutely does not make me happy to have people walking their dogs along the scenic creek and the dogs lift their legs on my bushes and their owners do not carry scoopers of any kind.

I don't want to fence me in nor blocking people from overlooking my garden and admiring my flowers, bushes, and trees.  I don't want to fence out the small animals that visit our Park but something had to be done, so my husband and I decided that we wanted to mark our property.

We started to research fencing and went to visit a few places, including home improvement centers, to get some ideas of what is available and that may be suitable for our needs.  At the first fence outlet, we were shown fences in a booklet and settled on a two tier Ranch Rail Fence and received a quote.  When we came home, we checked out the company in Better Business Bureau and found that they had too many issues.

We made a trip to the west side of Jacksonville in Florida and looked in on Superior Fence & Rail.  The staff was most helpful, made suggestions, and gave us a quote for an off white Vinyl Fence.  On the way out, we talked to the ware house attendant and he showed us the kind of fence that we had ordered and gave us some idea of how it would be installed.

The Superior Fence & Rail representative came out to measure and survey the area that we wanted fenced in, told us how much fence we needed, and what to expect of the installers.

Three very polite and nicely dressed guys came out to install the fence, confirmed the information, and suggested how the two gates should swing out and it was different from what we wanted but made more sense.  They talked it over with us how high the railings and the complete fence would be from the ground.  When the foreman started to talk about symmetry, I was sold.  I knew we got the right fence from the right company and the right people installing it.

There was something else that impressed me about the installers:  although it was in the late winter and the grass was brown and overgrown in most places, they did not cut across my Labyrinth.  I pointed this out to the foreman and he told me that they wanted to respect what the customers had in their yard.

The installers worked diligently under our supervision.  They knew what they were doing and didn't mind us being out there with them and talking to them.  They did not need any supervision:  we just enjoyed seeing them work and doing such an excellent job.

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  1. I'm on the fence with this one...strangely fascinating.

  2. Fun to work outside. I am still waiting for warmer weather here in Colorado. I do love vinyl fences. We have a horse farm across the street and the fences always look white and sparkling. Maintaining a wood fence in the old days must have been daunting.

  3. I love to dig in the dirt but living on the ninth floor with only a small balcony limits me. It doesn't stop me but there is only so much space. Congrats on the right choice of company to do your fencing. They sound like true craftsmen.