Thursday, April 10, 2014

Indian Hawthorn

I have seriously been thinking about changing the present bushes in front of the house to Indian Hawthorns.  This is a common bush that is often used in landscapes around many businesses and shopping malls in hot weather areas which is an indication that it requires little maintenance once it has taken root and started to grow in its new environment.

The Indian Hawthorn has either white small flowers or reddish/pink small flowers and blooms over a long period of time attracting bees and other pollinating helpers.  To make the bush even more attractive, it is suggested that you snip off the spent flowers but leave pruning until the plant has stopped blooming.

Pink Indian Hawthorn
The Indian Hawthorn may grow to five feet tall. It is called a "mounding" bush which it may reach on its own if left alone but it does not hurt to help it along.  It is a dense bush and I think it will look rather attractive around the front of the house.  I like the potential informality of this bush.

It may be bought at any home improvement center at a reasonable price. Since the plants come in a container, it does not have to be planted as soon as it is brought home as long as it is watered on a regular base.

Another nice thing about the Indian Hawthorn is the berries that it produces for the winter.  This insures that birds will find their way to my front yard and have food for the winter.

Finally, by planting this low growing bush along the front of the house with windows, it provides protection against intruders and many insurance companies recommend planting bushes for that purpose.  It is a deterrent.  Of course, we don't have to worry about such things because we live in a nice neighborhood and we have a cat that lets us know when something is amiss around the outside of the house.

(The picture is from "Free Indian Hawthorn pictures".)

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