Friday, April 18, 2014


Pittosporum is a popular Southern bush, especially in Florida.  It is a dense bush which makes it a good choice for screens and hedges.  It prefers full shade or partial shade.  This is a bush for sandy soil condition but does well in clay soil, too.

It is a popular bush at the beaches area because it tolerates salt rather well.  It is a perfect bush for weather and soil conditions in the South.  Not enough good things can be said about the Pittosporum.

For my front yard, along the side of the house, I choose variegated Pittosporum bushes with white and gray/green foliage.  With the heat and the water restriction in my area, this is also a draught resistant.

I do like the potential for informality of the Pittospurum.  This is the first year that I have seen the bushes really green up and putting out new growth.  Maybe, they have finally matured.

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