Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hang Time in the Hammock

Long before I retired, I planned and dreamed about what I wanted to have in my backyard.  What would be better than to relax in a hammock?  What would be better than to gently rock and sway in the shade?  What better place could there be for reading a book or a magazine while zipping cool tea from a tall glass?

I didn't want to put nails or hooks in any of the trees for hanging the hammock so I ordered a stand for it.  It's a little bit awkward to move around but it's quite doable.

By having a stand, the hammock may be moved anywhere.  I try not to put it under pine trees because I'm concerned about branches falling down.

I have not had too much time to enjoy the hammock over the years but many of our guests have.  But for the letter "H" in the blog challenge, I thought I pull it out from the storage box by the pond to find out what condition it might be in.  For all I know, it might be dry rotted.

Yikes!  After moving some cushions for the swing set, one frog after another made itself visible.  There were several green tree frogs and some regular huge bull frogs.  Good Grief!  I screamed!  Of course, I screamed.

My husband came running and we finally dug out the hammock and it needed washing.

We are going to leave the storage box alone for a while and let the frogs have a chance to move.  The brown frogs can jump into the pond and find themselves pretty water lilies and the green frogs can go and find tree leaves somewhere.  The frogs are of more help to us than they are harmful.  Just leave the box; the winter is over.

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  1. We had one spring that the streets were full of tiny frogs all moving - creepy.
    Happy spring to you!
    Hoping for Spring