Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Third Sunday of Advent 204

This is the third Sunday of Advent.  There is one more Sunday until the arrival of Christmas with its Celebration.  This is truly the time for reflection and introspection while we light three white candles in the early morning hour as dawn is breaking and a new day is beginning.

It is so difficult to take a few moments to sit still and question what is important?  What is it that I truly want?  Is there some way I can reduce the stress, the to do list, the obligations at this time of the year?  Is it so important that I give things?  What about my candied fruit, my pickles, and jams?  Would some of those not make a gift?  How about a loaf of homemade bread?

A long long time ago, my mother gave me the copper candlestick holder for the four candles to light for advent.

Each year, I use the copper holder and decorate it with moss and greenery.  I think of my mother.  I think of the traditions that she passed on and the traditions that I am honoring.

Advent is a religious celebration with Catholic and Protestant meanings and interpretations.  It is not for me to impose any of those beliefs onto you.  It is up to you to find them out for yourself and decide what you want, need, and desire.

I wish Peace and Happiness for all
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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