Sunday, December 7, 2014

Second Sunday of Advent 2014

It is the second Sunday of Advent which means that there are two more Sundays before Christmas.

Oh, how we hurry through the most important season.  We scurry along, driving like crazy to get to the stores that we think have the best sales.

I feel the urge myself to hurry, to clean and scrub, bake and cook in anticipation for the upcoming holiday.  Now is the time to give, give, and give.  Telephones are ringing and the voices on the other end want to know if I will give or they will give free things without leaving numbers to call back.

At this time,  I feel the urge to bake cookies to give to police, firemen, and sanitation workers.  

I feel the urge to send my hard earned dollars to people who supposedly have less than I only to find out that is not so.

It is time to light that candle for the second Sunday in Advent and to sit down and reflect, to sit down and be still, and to reflect what is important.

The morning time is just as beautiful as the evening time when the sun is about to come up or to set.  The sky takes on a pink hue in the east or in the west.  What better time is there than to light your two candles and just be still.  I take a few deep breaths and realize how fortunate am to be able to celebrate this season in peace.

Peace be with you.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

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