Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Green Juice for the Holiday

What to do with all the greenery in the garden?  I decided to treat myself to a juicer in time for the holiday and went to the big box store to explore the possibilities.  I didn't want to spend too much money on it because I may not like the juice.

The lady at the check out said that her son had one just like the Oster "MyBlend" that I got and that he liked it very much.  She said to be sure to chop up the fruit into small pieces before putting them into the blender/juicer.

I asked about green vegetables and she strongly suggested that I chop them up. She said to stay away from carrots because they were hard.  She also said that her son topped off the juice with a shot of gin.

When i got home, I went to the garden to select my green vegetables:  I picked a large leaf of mustard green, several leaves of curly kale, searched for small leaves of arugula, and a green pepper.

I removed the stems from the leafy vegetables, rolled each one up separately and chopped away.  I also added some of the green pepper.  Finally, I chopped up half an apple to sweeten the concoction.

I filled the bottle up, not quite half way, with water, and added the vegetables.  I did not pack or load too tightly, fastened the blade assembly, turned the bottle upside down and placed the bottle in the blender's base.

With a simple touch, pushing the bottle down, the pulsing/blending began.  It was up to me to decide when the juice was drinkable.  I poured the green juice into a glass and handed it to my taster.  After a sip, he gave it back to me and I tasted it.  Hmm!

I replaced the blade assembly with the drinking lid and put it in fridge.  I think the helpful cashier's son was right.

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