Friday, December 19, 2014

The Christmas Tree

Over the years, we have had different kinds of Christmas trees.  For many years we had fresh cut spruce and then we decided to have real live trees complete with root balls that we could plant when the holiday was done.

The first time we brought in a live tree, our dog Sir Henry thought it was a great treat for him.  He circled it and sniffed it and cocked his leg.  His mission of marking the tree was however avoided in nick of time.

We have had trees from IKEA for a reasonable price and when the holiday was over we could take it back and get the mulch.  It was an easy way to dispose of the tree and recycle it.

When we moved to Florida, we settled for live cedar trees and we had three of them planted in the front yard.  They grew to full grown trees.  One tree was cut down by our tenants but the two remaining grew any way they wanted.

One tree was planted too close to the house and we cut it down because it dropped its needles on the roof that had to be manually removed otherwise it sat there and rotted and could possibly cause damage to the new roof.

We employed insured and bonded tree cutters to remove the tree.  They worked quickly and moved the limbs to the road side for pickup by the Waste Management.

Some of the branches I cut up for mulch and I saved the cut up tree stubs to make a short "fence" at some point in time or use as "seats" in the woods.  It is to be determined

It is less than a week until Christmas and people are rushing about at parking lots with trees for sales.  Choose your trees carefully and enjoy them

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