Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Fall Garden is Planted

The other morning I was working in the garden making a straight row by stinging up a bright blue line between two poles so that I could plant a dozen rutabagas without straying too much and my husband wanted to know what I was doing.  He laughed when I told him.  "It is so not you," he said.  He was right but I thought that I would do it his way.

I had removed most of the debris from the black eyed pea area, turned over the soil, and smoothed it out with a garden rake.  I then dug holes for each of the rutabaga plants and added fertilizer.  My husband likes to add fertilizer at planting time; I like to wait until the plants have established themselves.

I gently informed my husband that I was going to pull up the eggplant stalks as well as the okra stalks to make room for seeds.  He told me not to do it and we agreed to leave the stalks in the ground a while longer. I always honor my husband's wishes and I also walk ten paces behind him.

Rutabaga:  I was pleasantly surprised to find rutabaga plants at the local garden center.  How nice!  Now, I don't have to sow rutabaga; however these rutabagas have red tops and I prefer all yellow rutabagas and I may still look for seeds that will mature in 75 - 100 days.  The rutabagas are drought tolerant and hardy.

Red and Yellow Onions:  I was also surprised to find onion sets at another local garden center.  I planted one row of about 30 onions, red and yellow respectively, in each of the two garden plots.  They will mature in 140 - 180 days which is a long time but we do use the onions before they are fully mature.

Other Plants:
12 red top Rutabagas that will mature in 80 days
18 Broccoli Packman Hybrid that will mature in 45 - 55 days
18 Best Hybrid Cabbage that will mature in 75 days
9  Hybrid Cauliflower (White Cloud) that will mature in 75 days

The above plants require full sunshine (6 hours daily) and like fertile well-drained soil and it would be prudent to keep the soil evenly moist.

My well planned sketch had to be modified.  I planted cabbage in that plot instead of mustard greens and kale which will be planted much later in the season.  Other than that, I have visions of every plant maturing and producing beautiful and nutritious vegetables in the upcoming months.

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