Monday, September 22, 2014

Black Eyed Peas

We have used various legumes as cover crops during the summers.  We have used Southern peas such as Crowder peas and Zipper peas and we have used Black Beans.  This past summer we used Black Eyed Peas and they turned out to be a delightful surprise.

 It is logical to believe that the black eyed peas were transported from West Africa by the slaves to Virginia in the 17th century.  The black eyed peas are mostly grown in the South and are considered a soul food.  A cup of cooked peas provides me with calcium, folate, protein, vitamin A for reduction of my wrinkles, and fiber to keep me regular.  What else do I need?

Not only are the black eyed peas good for my soul, they are also good for my soil.  These legumes are considered a hot weather crop and should be sown in late spring or early summer.  I happened to sow the peas in rows but my husband says that you may broadcast them too.

The black eyed peas make for wonderful ground cover. They spread quickly as low ramblers and covers the ground and thus hold down the weeds.  They also attract  bees and other pollinators and add nitrogen to the soil.

Unfortunately, the black eyed peas are susceptible to root knot nematodes and that is one of the reasons that crop rotation is important.  I prefer to pull up the plants from the ground as soon as possible after the harvest is completed.

Husband's grandfather mashed up cooked peas with a few slices of fresh tomatoes mixed with a touch of vinegar and sugar to taste.  Some people cook the peas with a piece of smoked pork.  I prefer to cook the peas and enjoy their natural taste which is surprisingly good.

The black eyed peas are easy to pick and easy to shell.  I just put a pound of them into the freezer for later.  I blanched them, cooled them under running water, and packed them into a plastic bag.  They had a delicate green color in at least fifty shades.

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  1. Just wanted to know some things about my black eyed peas! And if you are still active with this blog

  2. Yes, my blog is still active. I check it often.