Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Continued Preparation for the Fall Garden

There is nothing "cute" about my garden.  It is not particularly well defined nor is it boxed in:  sometimes, another row is needed for plants that caught my fancy at the garden centers.  The rows have a tendency to wobble and the weeds sometimes take over; however, I do have a working garden--a garden that provides us with all the vegetables we need.

Now that you have found a good location for your garden, there are just a few more things to consider before your soil is ready to welcome your plants and seeds to make them grow and flourish.  You have measured out the size for your garden and you have ensured that your plants will have at least six hours of sunshine each day.

A Garden gone Wild
Composting:  A rather simple way of providing organic nourishment for your garden is to make your own compost.  No elaborate and expensive bins or boxes are required.  Designate a special area for your compost and make sure that it is near your garden.

Grass clippings, free of herbicide and pesticide, are a basic component for your compost pile and adding organic matter from the kitchen including egg shells and coffee grounds.  Leaves and pine needles are also good for the compost.  Make sure that you turn the compost often or the grass clippings will mat.

Mulching:  Once your seeds and plants are in the ground, consider mulching around the plants to keep the weeds at bay, keeping the plants moist, and conserving the water as well.  It is recommend that you leave some space free and clear around the stems of the plants.

Watering:  Hopefully your garden is also located near a source of water for your convenience.  The most important thing about watering is consistency.   It is more beneficial to water longer and deeply than often.  If possible, water from the ground--let the water soak in around the plants.

        Let's take a break and enjoy a few more weeks of summer and continue to wear white and flip flops.

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