Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Banded Sphinx Moth

I was resting on the bench after a hard morning's work in the garden when I noticed a huge moth on the corner of the tented gazebo.  It was shaped in a triangular fashion and not particular colorful.

Not much has been written about this moth other than it belongs to the Sphingidae family and feeds on nectar from flowers.

The larvae is more colorful in green, yellow, and pink bands and stripes.  I have not seen this larvae in my yard.  The moth is at home in warmer climate but has been spotted as far north as South Carolina.

At first sight, this moth may also be mistaken for a butterfly.  Some have said that it reminds them of hummingbirds feeding from flowers or feeders.

Keep your eyes open; you never know what you may find in your own backyard.

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