Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Plants for Fall in North East Florida

According to my planting schedule from the local seed store September, October, and November are considered the fall months in North East Florida. September is gone and the monsoon season is well over and we are heading into the serious part of planting the vegetable garden.  The following plants are well suited for the fall:

Beets from seeds germinates in 7 days and matures in 50 - 70 days
Broccoli matures in 100 - 130 days
Cabbage matures in 75 -120 days
Carrots from seeds germinates in 6 days and matures in 100 - 120 days
Cauliflower matures in 120 - 150 days
Chinese Cabbage matures in 75 - 80 days
Collards matures in 60 - 80 days
Kohlrabi matures in 60 - 80 days
Mustard matures in 50 - 60 days
Onions matures in 140 - 180 days
Radishes from seeds germinates in 6 days and matures in 28 - 36 days
Spinach matures in 40 - 65 days
Turnips matures in 45 - 60 days

It is recommended that cauliflower, strawberry plants, and turnips (from seed) be planted only in October.  Beets, carrots, and radishes are sowed from seeds.  Lettuce are available in seeds and plants and the same goes for spinach.  I was surprised to find mustard plants and kale (9 in a pack) last year and they did very well.

I use this list for planning purposes only.  The planting, germination, and maturity information are usually available on seed packets and sticks inserted in the vegetable containers.

Of course, seeds are available for most of the above vegetables but I find it much easier to plant established plants and they are also easier to replace if necessary.  Although I have a shopping list for the vegetables I want to plant, I have to go with what is available in the garden centers.

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