Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day

If the sun shines in Pennsylvania tomorrow and the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter and that is official.  So they say.  The weatherman said that we had twenty two cloudy days last month in northeast Florida which is still part of the Sunshine State.  What a miserable winter!  If the groundhog was here on the beach, he would not see his shadow. 

I broke out of my heavy coat and tossed my gloves and went out to survey the winter damage on the Back Forty.  The potatoes are busting through the pine straw and I hilled them up.  I cut away the dead branches from the Plumbago and noticed that it was putting out healthy greenery along the ground that will be good for transplanting.  The shefflera or the Umbrella plant is pretty much gone but I am not ready to start cutting and pulling it up yet.

First Azalea Bloom for this Spring
I weeded around the island where I had trimmed the Cassia and added more pine straw to hold the dirt in place.  I continued to make a shallow trench around the azaleas that were full of buds.  Spring is coming!

I found one, yes only one, single pink azalea bloom and that, my friends, is the official declaration that Spring is here.  It has arrived.  Time to go gardening.

I have singed up for the April 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge, have you?
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