Monday, February 10, 2014

First Happy Anniversary

It's been a year ago since I started blogging about my garden,  yard, and "park".  It has been an interesting experience.  Some of my readers are in countries I never heard of and my blog has reached porn sites which really has surprised me. 

Initially, I just wanted to write or document what happened in my garden and back forty.  It was never my intention to tell you how to garden.  You are free to garden any way you want.  I wanted to keep a journal of what was going on in my back yard and sharing the information.

When I write my blog, I wobble between I and we.  I start out with I and all of a sudden there is the "we".  Who are the "we"?  It is my husband and I, he, and we do so much together; so the we is I and the I is we.  Now, I would worry when my "shadow" comes along too.

Evelyn Rose
Blogging has kept me busy and interested in researching gardening and so much that goes along with it.  I stated in my first blog that I was an avid gardener--I never said that I was a good gardener.

I do want to thank you for adding me to your circles.  I wish that I could add you to mine, but I really don't know how.  You do. 

As a token of my appreciation, please accept this very special rose.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Do it again.

Thank you. 
Thank you. 
Thank you. 

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